Life Planning

Is an effective question method to discover what is really important to you, your family or your business. And how you can make money conducive to this and not the other way around. The method looks at money and emotion and how they are conducive to one another or not.

Everyone has a specific goal in life and an inner drive and talents to realize this. Money is then conducive to the realization of your inner goals. The quickly changing economy or environment may however cause that you end up in a rat race and experience mental or physical complaints as a result. In that case feeling and mind do not agree with one another and no longer work together. Your golden path seems to become a heavy mountain climb.

Examples of the above are:
  • Entrepreneurs who run or ran a business successfully but feel empty inside or are no longer in line with the team of employees, the family or the surroundings.
  • Specialists who serve the top of the market but have a low self-esteem and experience mental and physical complaints as a result.
  • Young personsfrom entrepreneurial families who want to map outtheir own path, but do not know what their passions and talents are and how they can reach their own top.
  • Everyone who has a profound wish or dream and wants to realize this but feels inhibited.
By acting as a sounding board I give you insight into matters that are really important to you. This consciousness-raising process initiates a positive transformation and helps you to set and realize new goals. It is my vision that personal development contributes to business success.

For comprehensive information about this method and the course I attended, look on The Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

PMA method

In my tool box I have various tools to help you effectively to achieve the goals set by you. The PMA technique is one of the most special methods that I have encountered and that I have mastered with great enthusiasm, merely because it is so simple and powerful and achieves wonderful results for everyone who is open to discover where the source of his/her negative convictions, complaints or obstructive patterns originate from.

PMA means Progressive Mental Alignment and is incomparable to any other coaching method or technique. It works according to the language rules of our brain in combination with physiology. Because it is so new and the effect so big, I would like to explain this method in more detail.

PMA is a scientifically substantiated technique to find actual causes for inexplicable physical complaints, diseases of civilization, disturbing behavioral patterns, negative energy, obstacles and bottlenecks in relations and organizations and how they can be solved simply and permanently at the source. This immediately givesa boost to positive energy and transforms into healthy people and organizations.

A PMA coaching session helps:
  • To find the cause of inexplicable mental and physical complaints.
  • To convert negative ideas and depressing life structures.
  • To find balance and energy to realize profound wishes of life
  • To make people, who experience their lives as difficult and unhappy, feel free and happy again
  • To let teams within organizations communicate better with one another.
The Effect: simple, fast and permanently solved!
When we experience traumatic things, for instance in our earliest childhood, which areso painful that we cannot cope mentally, there is a chance that due to frightthe event is not stored correctly in our brain. In this manner so-called Bad Clusters arise. As a result of this we cannot consciously remember the event, but our body responds unconsciously (sometimes years later) to similar incentives as at the time of the hidden memory. With all the relevant disastrous consequences.

Progressive Mental Alignment ® (PMA) provides a powerful method to convert the hidden causes of inhibitive convictions into motivating energy. It brings back suppressed and hidden qualities that open the way to reach profound wishes and desires in any area of life. PMA works fast and effectively, so no need to attend sessions for years on end.

For whom?
This coaching technique is effective for everyone who is actually looking for answers to live healthily and in balance. PMA works as an effective and long-term problem solver for individuals and specific complaints, but also for organizations with problems within their departments and teams. Make an appointment with Ellen te Brake for comprehensive information or an introduction.

Progressive Mental Alignment ®
Progressive Mental Alignment ® has been developed after years of investigation, experience and the latest findings in psychology, biology, neuro sciences, physiology and quantum physics. PMA is a proven effective manner to bring traumatic hidden memories to consciousness. From this point they will be stored again simply and correctly in our brain. The complaints are solved permanently at the source.

Joop Korthuis, founder of the PMA technique
Joop Korthuis (1950) has more than 30 years of experience in personal coaching. During his naturopathic practice and based on his holistic manner of thinking he developed Progressive Mental Alignment ® a groundbreaking training and coaching technique.

He discovered the Bad Clusters phenomenon as a deeply hidden source for all our negative convictions and sabotaging behavior. His specific understanding of the application of PMA within the business sector proceeds from his personal experiences as a manager and from the individual coaching and training of directors, managers and employees for years on end.

In 2002 he decided to close his holistic medical practice in the Netherlands and to move to the USA to be able to focus himself completely on the perfectioning of the PMA technique. More than 10 years later this has been extended to a completeprogram, focused on the personal growth and development of all the employees within an enterprise. His approaches are very direct and aimed at lasting results without the well-known relapse phenomenon.

Source: Books: “InnerlijkeMacht” (Inner Power) and “Management Support Plan”” by Joop Korthuis.
What makes PMA so unique? Look at this YouTube film:

Or make an appointment for a PMA introduction session with Ellen te Brake, certified PMA Life Style Trainer, or call 06-21117500.
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