Dear Friends,
What a journey this was, in every way! Thank you all for your warm friendship and sharing all things together. Albert, the day after the 5-day, when we saw the island, the waterfalls and the full moon has deeply impressed me, thank you for that. 

The course and our friendships inspires me a lot and I am already working at a focus group of young woman and planning some workshop retreats with Albert. 
I hope you all are also inspired and working at your plans. 

The day we left I had tears in my eyes to say goodbye to this beautiful island, but when I left the key and returned from the hotel reception, there was a huge, clear rainbow just smiling at me. Another special moment in paradise!

This trip inspired me a lot and a little poem came trough my mind. I like to share it with you and hopes everybody’s life plan will come true! You can click here for more photo’s. 

Warm Aloha,