So Happy

Under the umbrella of LL地z you will also find the So Happy label. Here I focus my special attention on the coaching of children and young people of the present generation. A fascinating era where many new age children such as the Indigo and Crystal children are in our midst. They have a high sensitivity and highly developed senses. All of them have chosen a specific task or purpose in life and have the innate talents to realize them.

New age children often encounter challenges on their path of life. For instance, because the environment such as the family and the school do not understand them. Or is not attuned to the highly sensitive child as far as food, hobbies, rhythm, purity and regularity are concerned. This may be manifested incomplaints such as ADHD, ADD, autism symptoms, bullying, low self-esteem, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, fears and phobia.

Children and young people require another approach and consequently another type of coaching. For a suitable advice and solution of these complaints from the source, please visit or make an appointment with Ellen te Brake.
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