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The adventure of entrepreneuring is in my blood. I enjoy working together with people, the challenges, making the most of one’s opportunities and realizing wishes. Entrepreneuring is what I will always keep on doing. Within this scope I have chosen to develop a specialism in coaching that suits me and through which I can be useful to others.

Study, books and experience of life havegiven me a range of techniques to come to the essence, but my own inner compass determines which one yields the most for you. My intuition forms the guideline in our talks. I have completed the following studies with much pleasure: HBO (University of Applied Sciences) Communication and Public Relations (1998, Leeuwarden), Financial Life Planner at the G. Kinder Institute (2006, Maui, USA), PMA Lifestyle trainer (2011, Orlando, USA). In addition I continue to develop myself and I regularly attend a wide range of trainings and courses in my field of expertise. In 2012, for instance, I participated each quarter in the seminars of Strategic Coach (London, UK) to grow as an entrepreneur with a specialism in coaching.

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